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Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Posted by Michelle on July 12th, 2014 under News and Updates

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Posted by Michelle on May 6th, 2014 under News and Updates

This Giveaway has ended and the prizes were awarded. 

All Giveaways are posted on my Facebook page first so stay tuned.

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GIVEAWAY FOR SPRING from Details and FairyTales

Posted by Michelle on March 21st, 2014 under News and Updates

To enter, click the link to go to the Post on Facebook, where you will also be able to access the rules and all the legal stuff.

You must COMMENT on the Post and Like the Post.

It is not required but SHARING the post with all your friends would be very, very appreciated!  

And if you haven’t, please Like the page too! : )

For our first Giveaway, we have chosen a beautiful, soft and long Pendant Scarf.

The chunky silvertone metal elephant pendant is a favorite.

There are also lots of beads and baubles that can be slid around and repositioned.

An accessory that is so versatile and trendy ~ and can be worn all year round.

Not exactly a scarf and not exactly a necklace…its a Skarflace!

Well, you call it what you want; I think they are gorgeous.

For some funky fashion, try wearing it around your waist!

Get in on the action because it will be given away soon.
To see more styles on our website:  

Pendant Scarves at Details and FairyTales
Giveaway Rules Picture               Scarvez B&Sm 10

Scarvez YG&G  10
G Scarvez Eleph 10   YEL scarf on T mannequin 6

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How To Paint The Soles Of Shoes

Posted by Michelle on March 10th, 2013 under Custom Creations By Details and FairyTales, How Tos and Tips, News and Updates


Painting the Soles of shoes


•New or Old Shoes in good shape

•Rubbing Alcohol, Rag, Fine Sandpaper

•Acrylic Enamel Paint, suitable Paintbrush, Water to clean brush

•Nail Polish, Acetone Polish Remover to clean brush


Red11Shoes   4         IMG_6717


This is the process I used to ‘lacquer’ the soles on a pair of shoes. They are a Vintage pair of Nine West Sandals that had seen hardly any use. Since the soles were in very good shape I thought they were an excellent candidate for my first go at this. After completing the process I realized this would be a good way to refurbish any soles that had a bit of wear and tear as well.

This process turns out to be quite permanent so do not go into this thinking you can change it easily if you do not like the color.

(Some photos show another shoe I am working on as well)

One more thing before you start. I have added details which make this sound more difficult than it is. Basically it is A: Clean and B: Paint. The rest is  information you may want. I just tried to answer all the questions that could possibly come up.

Step One:  Choose any shoes that are in pretty good shape. You want a pair you can still wear often. The tops of the shoes must be in good shape as well as the soles so all this beautiful work will be admired and you will be proud to wear them!

Step Two:  At this point you may need to clean the top of the shoes to remove any dust and dirt that you don’t want migrating into the polish as you paint. Use any cleaning method that works for the type of shoe you are working with.

Next,  clean the bottom of the shoes with a rag dipped in a little rubbing alcohol. Do not soak the rag just a little will do. Make sure to remove any dirt and grease from the soles. Let that dry a few minutes.

Step Three:  Lightly sand the soles of the shoes with a fine grit sandpaper such as 120 grit, or use a very fine grit nail file. Then brush off any dust with the rag you just used to clean the soles. Do not add any more alcohol to the rag. You just need to make sure no fine dust remains.

Step Four:  If you do not think you can keep nail polish from getting on your shoes use masking or blue tape and carefully put it all around the sole covering the shoes as shown. This is actually not as easy as it sounds since you have to do it perfectly and then rely on it to be completely covered.

**I think it is easier to NOT use the tape. Just be careful and if any nail polish does happen to get on your shoe you can always paint the trim around the soles later with enamel paint to match the shoe color. I ended up doing mine this way.

Not Necessary to use the tape if you are careful:

  IMG_5951 IMG_5952

Now to start painting!

Step Five:    Whatever color you will be using for your soles, choose a close match in a cheap acrylic enamel paint from the craft department. This will be for the base coat. It doesn’t have to match exactly.

Note: Someone had recommended using white for this step, as you can see in my pictures I did indeed try this… with nail polish no less…not a good idea. I had trouble covering the white with the red, AND it pulled the white nail polish up into the red as I painted the final coats and became a big mess! It allso required more coats than I would have otherwise needed. Just use the same color in an enamel craft paint and just one coat should do it. Let that dry well. About half an hour should do it.

3 5943 Use Acrylic Paint the same color as your Polish. Do not use white polish or paint

Step Six:  Choose your nail color.  I used  NYC brand, ‘Big Apple Red’ #131, purchased from Walmart. It cost about a dollar. It does not matter what type of polish you use, even quick-dry types will work but I would put a clear coat over those. And of course you may choose any color you like. I picked red because of the infamous, very expensive brand I was trying to replicate. Teal blue, hot pink, purple  or orange would look fabulous too. After the first coat in the acrylic paint is completely dry, just paint on your polish with a small paint brush and let it dry well between coats.  I recommend several coats, until you feel confident it is covered enough.

3 6324

Clean the brush immediately with nail polish remover. I used one with acetone in it. Do not leave your brush in the acetone or it will eat up the glue holding the handle onto the brush part.

Voila! Your soles now have a lacquered sole that looks amazing. I am sure this will wear as well as any shoe’s sole would, meaning they will scuff up a bit. I believe you could use clear “Foot Petals” brand “Sole Stopperz” pads for the bottoms of your shoes to protect them from wear and also give them a bit of slip resistance. I have not tried this yet. I just thought it sounded like a good idea.  Just make sure you get the clear ones so your beautiful color shines through! : )

Red10Shoes 3 how-to-paint-shoe-soles

I hope this was easy to follow. I tend to over complicate things. If you have any  questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

These are presently for sale on my Website (and in my ETSY Shop) and if they don’t sell soon, I am going to paint the heels on them with a fancy design and maybe add glitter…that’s if I get some spare time!

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A New Product I Love

Posted by Michelle on December 3rd, 2012 under Uncategorized

Today I am singing the praises of a product I recently bought. It’s made by Plaid and called “Mod Podge Dimensional Magic”.


Encases your embellishments in a clear glass-like finish

Plaid isn’t paying me…they don’t even know I exist. I just discovered this stuff on my own and I love it. You can find it at most craft stores. That’s where I like to wander around when I have a few free moments. PS: Craft stores are like heaven to me.

So, this is one of a few new products I am trying out this month. I’m hoping to create some great new things to sell real soon and this Dimensional Magic will definately be a part of that.

I’ve started making some necklaces from washers and bottle caps and needed some supplies to get those rolling.

One product I discovered was this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It is a liquid that can be used as a glue but it’s main purpose is to add a thick clear surface over items, encasing them and adding dimension to your projects.

It is awesome for bottle cap Necklaces, Badge reels and to seal items onto metal washers turning them into jewelry pieces. I can think of so many more uses for this medium, my head is spinning.

At the same time I also tried the “Inkssentials Glossy Accents” which has similar characteristics and works the same way. It may be as great as the Mod Podge but my finished project looked yellowed. I do not want to condemn it yet. The yellowing could have been my fault.  I definitely need to give it another chance! I used a photo I printed on plain paper under the Glossy Accents and it may have bled. (*See below.) So allow me to update my review on that later. If anyone has any experiences with any of these mediums yellowing I would love to hear about it.

I would suggest you paint a thin coat of glaze on both sides of any computer printed paper first. Then let it dry about 20 minutes. This will prevent the paper from absorbing any glaze randomly and bleeding or discoloring. Examine it when dry and make sure it looks OK before proceeding. *I believe that’s why my paper photo yellowed with the Glossy Accents.

Coated papers need no pre-painting of the Dimensional Magic. You can use the glaze as a glue to seat the paper or whatever you are using on your project before surrounding it completely with the Mod Podge.

When using these types of dimensional glazes, you need to make sure you do not shake the bottles at all or you will have some bubbles which will remain in the finish when it is dried. I had a few little ones but I just poked them with a straight pin right away and got rid of them.

Plan on making your gifts or projects one or two days ahead of when you need them. Until the Dimensional Magic is completely dry you have no idea how beautiful it is going to be. The liquid is very cloudy until it dries, which, depending on the humidity level, and room temperature could take from a few hours to overnight. You should expect to let it sit overnight just to make sure it is completely dry. When finished it looks almost like glass!

 Because it dries absolutely clear it allows the full color of the surface below and any embellishments you add to show through. Rhinestones, stickers, and little embellishments of all kinds can be surrounded with this stuff. That’s why I love it!

My young grandson and I were setting up my Christmas Village today and I have a ‘lake’ with snow covered trees around it as a piece of the scenery.

I looked closely at that lake with its rocks and tree branches inside the ‘water’ and realized I could make my grandson a faux lake very similar to it with some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! The one I own has little swans swimming on top. I am going to the craft store to look for some miniature deer and ducks etc. This would be a great idea for any miniature village or train set scenery, where you would like some water features.

That’s it for today. Enjoy your week !

 *Encourage your children to be creative by being creative with them. Color, cook, make tissue paper flowers, play with play dough, dance and sing, have a puppet show, write little books ~ you will both have a great time and make lasting memories.

And check me out here:


ETSY Shop:

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